Meetings and Events

The Lake County Radio Control Club meets monthly on the first Thursday of the month (unless this falls on a holiday such as Independence Day or New Year’s Day in which case the meeting will be held on the following Thursday).

Our regular meeting location is:

 Village of Lindenhurst

Village Hall

2301 E. Sand Lake Rd.

Lindenhurst, IL  60046

All regular meetings start at 7:15 P.M

Next meeting:

December 7th, 2023

7:15 PM

Meeting times & location are subject to change.

Members will be notified by email.


LCRCC Schedule of events for 2024:


Event Name



(Coming Soon)




Contact Wally (Events Director) to volunteer for hosting an event!

Note: No rain dates – if canceled due to inclement weather, it will not be rescheduled.

Suggested Themes: (Determined by Host)

  • Warbirds and Electric Plane
  • Heli’s and Quad’s
  • Jets
  • Biplanes and Giant Scale
  • Sport Planes / 3D/ VTOL

     LCRCC monthly events are held at the club flying field.  Food, when provided, will be served around noon. Although a particular aircraft theme maybe announced, all models are welcome. 

Refreshment policy for monthly events

Annual August Picnic:
The club will sponsor a Annual Picnic with food and refreshments provided.  In addition, a “Prize Raffle” may be held comprised of donations and club money (limited to $100, or an amount agreed to at a regular meeting prior to the picnic based on availability of club funds).
Monthly Events:
The club will supply drinks/ice for the coolers only. It will be the responsibility of the volunteer host to organize a “pot luck” or additional refreshments. It will be his/her responsibility to obtain donations of food or money to accommodate each event. If there are no volunteers, only the drinks will be provided by the club.
We believe it is important to maintain the monthly event to promote fellowship and interest in all of our club’s activities. Recall that these events were, at one time, flying contests, promoting competition and the fun of flying.